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At the Movies

Emma Watson’s first post-Potter role is already receiving praise. “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same title, features Watson in a cast of young up and comers. Also, her character is American in the film. Watch as MTV’s Josh Horwitz challenges her fellow cast mates to try her accent on for size.

Joaquin Phoenix is making a comeback in a very tiny, huge way. “The Master” which only played in five theaters in New York and L.A. broke the per screen earning record. The film raked in $145,949 per screen which beat out Wes Anderson’s”Moonrise Kingdom” for the title. “The Master” is already earning some serious Oscar buzz.

New Music

Former Talking Head David Byrne and indie guitarist St. Vincent released a collaborative album now available on iTunes or streaming on Spotify.

The Smut Stuff

The Royal family is fighting the paparazzi back. After photos of Duchess Kate Middleton were printed on the cover of several magazines, she decided to take legal action against French magazine ‘Closer.’ Meanwhile, the internet was loving poking some fun at the frenzy.

For Giggles
Enjoy this hilariously awkward video by Lena Dunham to introduce “The New Yorker” app.

It’s pumpkin season! Here are some delicious ways to get your fix.

Or for those of us who use our ovens as a closet…

Or the fun pumpkin drink…

Bored? Here’s some free stuff to do!

Smithsonian Magazine’s Free Museum Day Live!

Brooklyn Book Festival

Governor’s Island Art Fair


What is it about Pinterest?

I recently made a Pinterest account. While I only have one board right now, I do love the site. Trust me I have spent way too much time looking at things I will never be able to afford and food I won’t be able to cook. It is a great idea generator when your creativity is a little sluggish. However, I’ve noticed Pinterest has a unique affect on girls my age. What is it about Pinterest that makes otherwise sane girls start planning their weddings before they’re engaged?

Let me qualify this statement by saying I’ve never been one to buy into the whole “I’ve been planning my dream wedding my whole life” “Every little girls dream” act. No I haven’t. I think certain things are pretty. I don’t want to even think about marriage until it actually happens. I think it’s a little crazy. I think it’s sad that so many girls feel like their wedding is the ultimate goal in life. What about planning for your future career or education?

I totally understand girls that use Pinterest as a legitimate planning tool when they are engaged. I could see how that site would be helpful when it comes to the nitty gritty details of planning a wedding. But that’s not the majority of girls who have a wedding board. In fact, some of these girls aren’t even dating. I don’t know if it’s because of the pretty display of pictures or what but Pinterest is enabling the young girls crazy impulse to plan a wedding before they have a ring on their finger. Ladies, pin what books you are reading not what flower arrangements you want when you meet the one.

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Britney’s Dirty Thirty

Today the pop icon of my generation turned thirty. In honor of her birthday, I have watched around 5 music videos and consequently have had “Criminal” stuck in my head all day. All day long. MTV made a quite hilarious video tribute to Britney. When you see it, you’ll know why I loved working there so much. So anyway, here are a few of my favorite Britney gems in honor of the special day.

I’m a Slave 4 U video is the best Britney video ever.  Ever.

Crossroads is one of the worst movies ever made (the only one being worse is Glitter).  Do I still own it on VHS? Why yes. Yes, I do.

The 1999 VMAs were her best live performance ever. Yes, mostly because it was with ‘Nsync. 10-year-old me almost peed her pants.

Happy birthday, Britney.  My childhood wouldn’t have been the same without you.


Obligatory Thankful Post

It’s that time of year when everyone and your mom Facebook posts, tweets, and blogs about what they are thankful for.  They will all be very similar.  It is true that I am extremely thankful for my amazing family and friends, my education and my jobs.  However, we’ve all heard that before.  So my ‘giving thanks’ post is going to be a tad different.  I believe we should be just as thankful for the very little things in life that pick us up as the big things.  Here it is: my “I’m grateful for silly things” list.

1.  I’m grateful for Suri’s Burn Book.  An evil genius started this Tumblr page of fake Suri Cruise rantings about other celebrity children.  It is always hilarious.  Here’s a taste:

The President pardoned two turkeys this morning, but the real winner was Sasha Obama. Not only is her blazer fun and bold for fall, but that side-eye she’s shooting her father is downright epic.

She knows, as do I, that this whole turkey-pardoning bit is stale, and also that, President or not, her dad is embarrassing. Join the club, Sasha. Join the club.

2.  I’m grateful for Christmas cups.  You understand.

3.  I’m grateful that my iPod transmitter cord for my car hasn’t totally died yet.  The right side audio still works which means I can still sing my face off in my car.  There is no better joy.  This will be my family someday (minus the yelling but yeah.)

4.  I’m grateful for Target-crazy-black-Friday-lady-commercials.  Never not funny.

And finally:  5.  I’m grateful for ‘The Hunger Games’ trailer.  I’ve watched it approximately 200 times.  So excited for these movies.

Oh Hey, Glee! Welcome Back.

I have been a Glee fan from the very beginning.  However, the current season has been lack luster to say the least.  The entire season up until the “Mash Off” episode last week have been consumed with the school musical ‘West Side Story.’  I was excited when they set up this story line.  I love that musical and there is always cast drama.  But it led nowhere.  Correction, it led to a sex episode that was done better the season before.  At least that episode had a twist.  “My First Time” even went as far as to say yet another teacher at the school was a virgin (more than a bit of a stretch).   The musical numbers had no energy.  ‘West Side Story’ was uneventful.  I was bored and beginning to question my favorite show.  Until finally, the show started dealing with some very real and very emotional subject matter like they used to.  Being outed.

The second half of “Mash Off” renewed my faith in the shows writing and acting.  It was the first time all season that the actors gave serious and raw performances.  Most notably, Naya Rivera.  Her mixture of rage, sadness, and disappointment in being outed to the entire local viewing era via a nasty campaign ad was one of the best performances of the series.  And that’s before mentioning the Adele mashup.

Finally, Glee is back to their roots.  Using musical numbers to express the characters emotions about the story-line.  This number is why fans love the show.  It took too long to get there (‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ for the Irish kid.  Powerful stuff).  Welcome back, Glee.  I hope you can keep this up.

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The Cure for a Bad Day (includes nail polish)

Sometimes you have a really bad day.  Yes, exactly like Alexander.

Sometimes it’s really difficult to pull yourself out of a little pity party.  I was in that frame of mind earlier this week.  Now, I have a little checklist on how to pull yourself out.

1.  Spend time with some of your favorite people.  Your close friends and family know just what to say to make you feel better or snap out of it.  For me, it was seeing a play with my mom, emailing my grandma and watching trash television with my roommate.  It sounds corny, but it’s a very necessary step.

2.  Make yourself feel pretty.  Do your hair differently or get dressed up for no reason.  I’m a huge advocate for repainting your nails when you need a pick me up.  It’s a super easy and fast way to feel better about yourself.  Essie and OPI are my favorite brands.  I am currently wearing “In Stitches” by Essie.

3.  Go somewhere new.  There’s nothing like new scenery to help pull out of a mood.  I went to a local bar with some friends that involved dueling pianos.  There was a lot of goofiness that ensued.  Which brings me to…

4.  Dance like a total dork.  There is nothing even close to the feeling of totally letting loose, knowing you look like an idiot and not caring.  It’s the absolute best.

And finally…drumroll please

5.  Watch your happy movie.  You know.  Everyone has that one movie that no matter what it going on, you laugh every time.  My go to?  Someone Like You.  No, not the Adele song (which is beautiful but counterproductive as far as being stuck in a grump).  No, I mean this one.

Totally cheesy 90s RomCom.  I mean how can you go wrong with Ashley Judd and (a shirtless) Hugh Jackman producing a television show and falling in love after Judd’s character theorizes why men are unfaithful using cow science?  You have to see it, maybe, to get the appeal.  But it’s good.  Trust me.

So there you have it.  My newly discovered cure for ennui.  Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to finding your rose colored glasses again (probably under the seat of your car).

Webbing for Girls

Okay, so I have a new website obsession.  HelloGiggles is a website started by three creative, professional women for women.  That’s right, a fun aggregate site just for us girls! I first started following HelloGiggle’s tumblr site because I’m a big Zooey Deschanel fan and she’s one of the founders.  Side note: you should check out “The New Girl” if you haven’t already.  Hilarious show.

Then I got hooked on the site.  Not only does the interesting design keep you looking, but this site has everything you could want.  Recipes, funny videos, entertainment reviews, blogs from all over the world all in one place.  The site also let you contribute your own content!  Girls aren’t the only contributors either.  While the main focus of the site is web content for women, men often contribute blogs about everything from raising their daughters to bullying.  I could spend days raving about the unique content on HelloGiggles.  It’s about time for a site to spring up for smart women by smart women from around the world.  Love this site.

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