The Emmy’s from My Couch

Okay so we all know who I wanted to sweep the Primetime Emmy’s this year.  Glee is by far the most original, well written, and well acted show to be on television in my lifetime.  With 17 nominations, I was hoping for a sweep.  While it was not all together snubbed, I did feel like Glee did not get near the attention it deserves.  Jane Lynch more than earned her statue for making such a hate to love character like Sue Sylvester become a household name in just one season.  Neil Patrick Harris and Ryan Murphy also picked up wins for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series and Best Direction in a Comedy Series.  While of course I wanted all of the Glee nominees to win, I was most disappointed that Chris Colfer did not win for his amazing performance as Kurt Hummel.  He brings such spirit and heartbreak into the character that I felt he deserved it.  However, if the very young Colfer keeps it up at this rate, he has plenty of time to win his statues.  17 is a humbling amount of nominations for a show with only one season so we can only hope that the next several seasons totally wow the Academy and get Glee the wins it deserves.

The HBO Original movie Temple Grandin swept the movies/miniseries category.  It had very heavy competition with The Pacific and other amazing HBO and Lifetime movies or miniseries.  The first time I saw this movie was during one of my weekend at home this summer.  My mom had recorded it on the DVR because it sounded interesting.  What we all discovered was an amazing story about unconditional love and perseverance in the wake of autism told by an amazing cast of actors.  It is a truly inspirational story that people don’t know but should.  Julie Ormand won for Best Supporting Actress in this category for the role of Temple’s mother, a courageous and loving woman.  David Strathain won for his role as Temple’s high school teacher.  His performance showed the importance of teachers in every child’s life, especially children with disabilities.  Mick Jackson won for direction and Claire Danes won for the title role.  Her performance was seamless.  She brought audiences into an autistic mind and made Temple’s accomplishments all the more impressive.  Temple Grandin also won for best TV movie.  This is the kind of sweep I was looking forward to.  The massive wins were made all the more exciting by the fact that Temple and her mother were there at the ceremony and were thanked for each award the cast and crew received.  You could tell from the speeches that all anyone really wanted to do in making this movie was tell her story and do it justice.  Maybe that’s why it was such a successful movie.  Pure intentions, a great story, and great talent.  This movie deserved everything it won and more.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.

There were a few other highlights of the show in my opinion.  Top Chef finally won best reality competition series after six years of being nominated.  This is one of my favorite shows!  My TV is almost constantly on Bravo.  I was so excited to see a creative show win in the competition category.  Jewel performed a song she wrote for a friend who died from cancer entitled “Shape of You” for the memorial segment of the show.  Even though I am such a huge fan of awards shows, this must have segment is usually my least favorite.  However, Jewel’s song was so heartfelt and personal that the performance made the segment one of the best moments of the show.  On a lighter note, Jimmy Fallon’s performance of song tributes to cancelled shows was absolutely amazing!  He is such a great comedian that I often forget about his musical talent.  When he brings the two together, doing musical impressions of famous musicians, it is comedy and award show host gold.

Until next time.


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