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I have said before that I am a sucker for award shows so it is no surprise that I was looking forward to the MTV Video Music Awards that aired last night.  One thing that was surprising to me was how many people actually watched.  Usually I’m that girl that comes into work or class the day after an awards show all excited wanting to talk about it and I get the “Oh, I didn’t know it was on” excuse.  So disappointing!  But not this year.  Twitter practically exploded last night with tweets about the show.  I was in heaven!  Now if people would watch the Tony’s…another story.

One of the main reasons that I think there were way more viewers than last year was the Taylor Swift/ Kanye West shakedown.  Those that didn’t watch last year missed a beautiful moment in live television (a huge part of the reason I want to work in television).  When those viewers heard they would both be performing, well that’s real life drama you just can’t miss!  Of course, they both performed songs about the incident.  And they were both true to the character of each performer.  Taylor performed a sad country song about Kanye’s pathetic life and Kanye performed about his awesomely cocky self.  In my opinion, Taylor won that battle.  She totally went for it.  Played the clip, put the lyrics on the screen, the whole kit and kaboodle to make sure that everyone knew exactly what she was talking about and that she is better for it.  It all had a focus to her emotional state after “the interruption.”  He just did the same as he always does.  Rapped about being an asshole and not caring with way too many elements in the performance (ballerinas, baby keyboard, auto tune mic, so confused!).  Go Team Taylor!

Another thing that surprises me is how Twitter is still buzzing about Lady Gaga’s meat dress she wore to accept video of the year.  I, for one, cannot get enough of my Momma Monster!  Every time I see her, I like her more.  She brought discharged soldiers from the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy with her to the awards (love), changed outfits three times (love) and was humble every time she won (Love!).  She is a super star and knows it.  But she doesn’t just flaunt it the way that Kanye does.  She uses it for her causes, to better the world however she can.  No one was surprised that she wore statement dresses the whole night because that is kind of her whole thing.  So I don’t understand why everyone is so up in arms about the meat dress.  She has already gotten a lot of press about doing a photo shoot in a meat bikini, so how can you really be shocked that she wore a meat dress?  I just don’t understand why Gaga wearing something weird is new enough to still be a trending topic.  Oh well.  I can’t wait for “Born This Way” though.  I was so excited when she announced it.  And the fact that Cher was the one who gave her the award, icing on the cake!  That woman looks amazing!

Until next time fellow little monsters!


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