My Fragile Family Tree

It was really unfortunate that I had to see the final performance of Matt Fotis’ My Fragile Family Tree.  It was a rainy, gloomy afternoon and I got the feeling that no one really wanted to be there.  I was really looking forward to seeing this show because I have heard about how talented Matt is as a comedian and because I have never seen a solo performance piece like that.  I had originally planned to go opening night for this very reason but circumstances lead to me to Sunday afternoon.  In general, I loved the show.  Naturally the energy was about as high as nursing home bingo night at the beginning of the show.  However Matt’s background in improv and standup allowed him to rally the audiences attention and bring us into his stories.  His ability to totally shift the energy of the room speaks to the strength of both his acting talent and the strength of his material.

As far as the actual material goes, I felt like it was a very relevant message.  Even though it was all about figuring out what it means to be a good father and a good son, I found it relevant as a woman.  I found myself wondering what makes a good daughter?  Also, I found myself relating many of Matt’s stories to my parents.  I could see my family going through the same things his went through, even though our families aren’t really anything alike.  I wish I could have seen it on a different night but I really enjoyed the show.


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