A Holiday Musical That Warms the Heart

Meet Me In St. Louis is a holiday classic that never ceases to leave the audience smiling and humming the infectious tune of the show’s title. The Stephen’s production was no different.  The women in the production were extremely impressive in their performances, especially in their portrayal of different ages than their own.  The elegant costumes also helped differentiate the ages of the girls in the family who were all played by girls of around twenty.  In spite of a few awkward moments from some of the male actors, the show was heart-warming and fun, as one would expect Meet Me In St. Louis to be.

Isabel Farge played Tootie Smith, the loveable and mischievous youngest sister of the Smith family.  Farge’s adorably clear voice rang through the theatre to start the show off on a cheery note.  She was equally adorable and annoying in her antics.  Lauren Maslanik, who played Esther Smith, was a little too sweet at times.  However her moment with Farge in “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” was her shining moment.  It was a completely organic moment between two sister’s trying to comfort each other.

The only disappointing moments from the show came from awkwardness of two of the male actors.  There was no chemistry at all between Justin Kirk, who played John Truitt, and Maslanik.  That is a huge problem since they have one kissing scene that is an entire song.  Kirk had some entertaining moments singing even though his singing voice wasn’t the most trained of the cast.  Rob Doyen was entirely to old to be cast as the father of the family.  His relationship with Anna Gillcrist, who played his wife, just came off as pedophilia.

Meet Me In St. Louis

Music and Lyrics by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane.  Book by Hugh Wheeler.  Director/ Choreographer—Millie Garvey.  Musical Director—Tom Andes.  Scenic Designer—Ryan J. Zirngibl.  Costume Designer—Caitlin Flynn.  Lighting Designer—Jennifer Kilgore.  Sound Designer—Michael Burke.  Stage Manager—Allison Frisch.  Rob Doyen (Mr. Alonso Smith), Anna Gillcrist (Mrs. Anna Smith), Alex Dean Rodriguez (Lon Smith), Sydney Turner (Rose Smith), Lauren Maslanik (Esther Smith), Caitlin Zimmer (Agnes Smith), Isabel Fagre (Tootie Smith), Addison Myers (Grandpa Prophate), Morgan Faye Schoob (Katie),  Justin Kirk (John Truitt), Lucas T. McVey (Warren Sheffield),  Chrisena Ricci (Lucille Ballard), Nicole Heitter (Eve)



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