Fighting the Stereotype

I can’t tell you the amount of times that I have gotten a Godfather quote thrown at me when I mention the fact that my family is Sicilian.  For that very reason, my mother hates that movie (my grandfather loves it but that’s a whole different story).  It is a stereotype that I have gotten since day one.  Nothing particularly bad comes from it, it doesn’t upset me but it does get really annoying.  Now, there is a whole different slang I get when I mention my Italian family.  “So, your a guidette?!”

I’m not saying that I don’t watch Jersey Shore.  I do.  I love trashy reality television.  It’s a sickness.  But I do really understand where the Italian American interest groups are coming from when they complain about the show.  For the very same reasons, some members of my family flat refuse to watch the show.  Also, it is concerning to me that the term “guido” is now being used in a common fashion.  It is an offensive slur and most Italian Americans take it as such.

So when MTV announced that they are sending the cast of Jersey Shore to Italy, Italian American groups were furious.  Take a look at the story I put together for Newsy about the reaction to the show’s new location.


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