Passion for the Story

I’ve found some coverage of state governments by main stream media a little concerning.  Most eyes are on Wisconsin.  Granted, that was the beginning of the Republican challenging the middle class with lawyers.  There has been major shifts in their state government.  However, there are many other states that have similar legislation and similar protests going on that rarely get main stream coverage.  It is a nation wide movement that is getting local attention.  Rachel Maddow did a special report on her show in order to bring attention to how wide the issue of public workers getting their rights and benefits taken away is.  One thing that I always find interesting about Maddow’s reports is her passion and her focus.  She has a commentary show so she has the license to put her opinion into her reports and does so.  But she goes after one subject at a time and attacks it.  She even often does entire series on one aspect of an issue.  I appreciated that Maddow looked at the multi-state perspective on the right to work issue.

On my personal journalism note, this week I really had a hard time pulling a story together.  I had one idea that I fell in love with and spent way too much time on.  Then I had to scramble to put something together by deadline.  Several interviews canceled on me last minute.  It was the most frustrating experience.  The deadline totally ruled my entire life.  Everything else was dropped to make the deadline happen.  The good news is that I made it happen.  And although it is not the best piece in the entire world, I’m proud of it.  It’s good (not great I know that) but it tells the story.  And I did it in spite of all of the bad luck and timing thrown my way.  I got it together.  I told the story.  That’s what journalism is all about for me.  Being able to do whatever needs to be done to tell the story.  It was an extremely trying week but a valuable one.  I don’t think I would trade away that awful experience for anything because I learned what I am really capable of.


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