The Backside of War

With the increasing conflict and involvement in the Middle East, there has been a lot of talk about what involvement means to the US.  Budget is a big part of that debate.  However, it is never really discussed where the spending goes.  Rolling Stone published an in depth look at arm’s dealers in the US.

These particular young men are high school and college drop outs who picks a good time to get into the arms industry.  They have sold millions of dollars worth of weapons to the Middle East and other regions of the world.  They are millionaires at 25 and 21.  They are cashing in on war.  This article was an extremely close look at a business that is not normally talked about.  On the one hand, when described, the two men featured in the story would seem like villains, cashing in on violence overseas.  However, in reading the article, they are just trying to make money in their business like anyone else would.  While they are not the most stand-up gentlemen, their drug use is prevalent in the article, but they are good at their business.  Rolling Stone presented the characters as just people, not perfect but not mean either.  It made the business of arm-dealing almost relatable.  It took a humanistic approach to explaining an industry that most people don’t and don’t want to understand.  It was an extremely honest piece that I thought was very enlightening.

On a more personal note, I was finally cleared to do reporting out at the station.  My main issue with my next to last package was that it was rushed which left a lot of mistakes.  So, Greeley allowed me some extra time to put my last one together in order to make sure it was done the best that I can.  I did a feature on a local high school music program going to a competition in Florida.  I often let myself get tripped up on the little things.  In order to be successful in reporting at KOMU, I’m going to have to not let myself get tangled up too much in one aspect of my story.  I am however, really good at making sure that everything is done when it needs to be.  I’m sure that I will do well at KOMU as long as I stay focused.


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