Culture Clashes

Unfortunately due to a busy schedule on both mine and KOMU’s part, I have not been able to start reporting for them yet.  I start my first shift after B2 tomorrow.  I have to say I am more than a little worried about the time slot I got.  With everyone trying to squeeze their shifts in, I got 6-11 on a Friday night.  However, I’m hoping to curb this time challenge by going in very early and trying to just get everything done before people leave work for the weekend.  I seem to have really found my writing niche somewhere kind of unexpected.  On the internet side of things.  I have really loved my work for Newsy. One of the more exciting things that I have been able to do at Newsy is the Sunday Soundbite.  It’s super nerdy of me, I know.  But I grew up watching all of the Sunday morning political shows so it is really exciting for me to be able to actually analyze them for a news site and app.  Here is the most recent one I wrote.

I am able to write in a style that I am very good at and that challenges me.  Also, I am very excited about an internship with video production that I got for the summer.  Everything about it just seems perfect for me.  Both Newsy and I still consider Broadcast because they are video platforms and you have to write in a distinctly broadcast style.  However, for whatever reason, online seems to be where I am really best able to shine.  This is exciting for me because that is where a lot of companies are trying to grow very quickly.  Hopefully that means that I can get a good job faster after I’m done with school.

In the foreign news that I have been able to cover for Newsy, one of my new go to sources is Al Jazeera.  I frequently try to keep up with their news because they are a real voice to the Middle East and Africa.  They provide a perspective that you don’t get to see in main stream Western media.  When American Idol has been a trending topic on Google News for weeks now, I found this piece from Al Jazeera to be particularly interesting.

It provides real perspective on some huge differences between Middle Eastern and Western cultures.  It looks at the beginnings of something that seems so normal and extremely popular here, a music television channel, in Egypt.  There are so many layers of culture clash in this piece.  On the one hand, the man who started the channel is accused of not being true to Islam.  One the other hand, the channel is very popular.  Most of the issues taken with the channel would not even be thought of as possible problems in the west.  For instance, the young starlet who was criticized because many believed that there is no place for a woman on TV.  Deeper pieces like this from Al Jazeera are a great insight into a culture that we don’t really understand all that well.  This piece in particular was relateable because 4Shbab is very easily comparable to common culture in the Western world.  Their pieces are very helpful in understanding a culture in order to better report the conflicts they are facing.


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