New York State of Mind

Forgive the gap in posts.  My mind has been organizationally occupied because the time has finally come.   What I set my mind to do when I got a tour of the Missouri School of Journalism is finally happening.  Two days from now I will be in New York City and the following week I will start as an intern for MTV.  I literally could not be more excited.  My bags are packed and tomorrow I just get a hair cut and take off for Kansas City and await the excitement of the morning.  And of course, as if I weren’t anxious enough, the Glee season finale was centered around New York City.

Watching these characters, who I see as my high school experience, frolicking around all of the major attractions of the city only made the fact that I am leaving even more real.  I feel like I went from slushies to skyscrapers with them.  I’m doing exactly what I wanted to do.  When Curt’s hand rose to ring in the opening chord of “For Good” on the stage where Wicked is performed every night my heart stopped.  I’m going to my Broadway stage, and it’s because of all of my friends and family.  Without them, I would not have been able to work so hard.  I can’t wait to share all of my New York stories.  Until next time.


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