First Day Jitters and Second Day Crash

The past three days have all melded together in my head.  I haven’t slept more than a couple hours every night.  During the day, we have been running back and forth finding things around the city or whatever we have wanted to see.  Up until the moment we landed, I got waves of nerves that made my stomach flip inside out and my hands jitter.  I was so anxious to get here that I could hardly stand it.  The day we flew in also happened to coincide with my 21st birthday.  It was one of the most exciting days of my life.  Made only more exciting by the fact that my favorite author and writing (slash life) model, Libba Bray, was having a speaking engagement and book signing.  My friends and roommates indulged my birthday wish and we made our first adventure outside of our neighborhood to the event.   She didn’t disappoint.  She took the time to really talk with every person in her line.  When my turn came, I was so excited that when she asked how I was, “Amazing!” flew out of my mouth.  She asked me why and I explained that first night in New York and landmark birthdays along with meeting your favorite author is a recipe for awesomeness.  She immediately stood up and gave me a huge hug and gushed about my birthday and how awesome it is to be a newbie in the city and wanting to know where I’m from.  Her kindness and enthusiasm dazzled me even more than her books had.  Today was a lot more exploring in the city which was amazing and has left me feeling very deflated.  The constant excitement and exhaustion is a feeling that I never really want to go away (after I start getting some sleep of course.)  Until next time.


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