Weekend Adventures

Since it is a holiday weekend, I’m lucky enough that my first several days in New York have been mostly exploring and finding new places.  My personal favorite so far has been a little Italian restaurant in the South Seaport close to our apartments.  Il Brigante charmed it’s way into my heart the second we walked in the door.  The Trattoria Pizzeria, while small, felt as cozy as a good friends kitchen.  The two Italian men who seemed to be running the place were extremely charming and were willing to do about anything to make sure you had a wonderful time enjoying the food, which was incredible.  I had handmade raviolis stuffed with a creamy ricotta topped with a sage and butter sauce.  If you mouth is watering, you haven’t even heard the best part yet…the dessert.  When we asked for a dessert menu, our waiter started to describe a specialty dessert made with nutella.  When he saw our faces, he immediately took the menu back and put in the order.  They used their pizza dough and spread nutella over the warm dough then topped it with chopped walnuts and shaved white chocolate.

This is what was left of the heavenly concoction once we realized we had to have pictures of it.  Needless to say there were no leftovers at this table.

Today, we went to heaven (a.k.a. Tiffany’s on Fifth Ave.)  The entire neighborhood surrounding Tiffany were designer shops that totally blew my mind.  Every time we turned a corner, I saw another designer that I usually can only admire in magazines.  I ended up finding a real steal in a little shop called Dejavu.  They had the most adorable things and the owner was so kind to us.  I got these Vivienne Westwood shoes for an amazing price.  They are scented and the clerk helping us said, “they have that new Barbie smell!”

My first weekend in New York was filled with spontaneous exploration and excellent finds.  I start my internship at MTV tomorrow and am going to be honest, I’m really nervous about it.  Can’t wait to see how it goes.  Until next time.


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