Cousin Love

Last weekend, one of the most important people in my life came to visit.  Jenna and I have always been more like sisters than cousin’s.  I almost hate to admit the reason she decided to visit.  It’s so nerdy.  We bought every Harry Potter book together and have seen every movie together.  When we found out that the last movie was coming out while I was in New York, we had to figure out a way to see it together.  She had never been to New York and this was the perfect excuse. 

(Jenna and I in our Gryffindor Quiddich jerseys)

The movie was perfect.  We both cried through most of it.  Along with the movie, we did the typical tourist things.

She also got to see her first show on Broadway.  We were lucky enough to get tickets to Anything Goes.  I’ve been a huge Sutton Foster fan since I can remember so it was pretty incredible to see her perform live. 

It was so amazing to finally have some family visit, especially Jenna.  We’ve grown up together (as grown up as two girls in Mickey Mouse hats can be.)  It was an amazing feeling to show her my city.  That’s how I think of it now.  New York isn’t the sort term, Missouri is.  In the fall, I will be Jenna’s maid of honor.  At one point in the weekend she said, “It’s like we’re all grown up.  You’re living in the big city and I’m getting married.  It’s too weird.”  That’s probably my favorite part about our relationship.  We get through the grown up stuff.  We help each other through those.  But when we are together, we’re kids again.  We’ll always be the little girls playing with Barbies at Nonna’s house.


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