Long Live New York

A hurricane is about to hit the place I now consider home.  I worry about my friends back there but I somehow wish I could be experiencing this with them.  I miss the city that much.  I wish I could feel how different the city feels in the wake of the storm.  Mostly, I want to see what the city is like without MTA.  MTA is such a part of everyday life, I can’t imagine it not running.  I still have my last MetroCard in my wallet.  If anyone can survive this large of a storm, it’s New York.  And they’ll do it with style.

On the more fun side of missing the summer, the VMAs are this weekend.  I got my swag in the mail so now I am totally prepared (yay hoodie!).  I can’t wait to watch having experienced the other side of making it happen.  You bet I will be on the website, with the twitter feed open, following along with the people I worked with this summer.  I do love going through MTV.com and knowing what kind of work went into everything.  Here is a video from a shoot that my department did the week after I left.  I was able to help with the prep work but I so wish I had been there for the shoot.  I can’t wait until I can get back to a place in my life were this kind of goofy video is my job.  Please enjoy.  This is why I love MTV.


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