Starving for “Hunger Games”

VMAs are always full of drama.  This year the main talking points post-show were Beyonce’s baby bump and Gaga’s man-sformation.  Both of these have been talked to death already.  One part of the show that got me pumped was the Hunger Games sneak peek.

I read the first book.  That might not be quite accurate.  I devoured the first book.  I’m in the middle of the second now.  The premise of these books was so original.  The scary part of them is, it could actually happen.  This barbaric tradition is happening in America in a viable future.  These stories are filled with characters you root for, characters you despise and conflict so intense you can’t turn off your Kindle (yes I read them on my Kindle).  I could not be more excited for this movie.  I’m a huge fan of everyone in the cast (couldn’t be more excited to see Lenny Kravitz as Cinna).  If you haven’t read the books, read them.


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