The Cure for a Bad Day (includes nail polish)

Sometimes you have a really bad day.  Yes, exactly like Alexander.

Sometimes it’s really difficult to pull yourself out of a little pity party.  I was in that frame of mind earlier this week.  Now, I have a little checklist on how to pull yourself out.

1.  Spend time with some of your favorite people.  Your close friends and family know just what to say to make you feel better or snap out of it.  For me, it was seeing a play with my mom, emailing my grandma and watching trash television with my roommate.  It sounds corny, but it’s a very necessary step.

2.  Make yourself feel pretty.  Do your hair differently or get dressed up for no reason.  I’m a huge advocate for repainting your nails when you need a pick me up.  It’s a super easy and fast way to feel better about yourself.  Essie and OPI are my favorite brands.  I am currently wearing “In Stitches” by Essie.

3.  Go somewhere new.  There’s nothing like new scenery to help pull out of a mood.  I went to a local bar with some friends that involved dueling pianos.  There was a lot of goofiness that ensued.  Which brings me to…

4.  Dance like a total dork.  There is nothing even close to the feeling of totally letting loose, knowing you look like an idiot and not caring.  It’s the absolute best.

And finally…drumroll please

5.  Watch your happy movie.  You know.  Everyone has that one movie that no matter what it going on, you laugh every time.  My go to?  Someone Like You.  No, not the Adele song (which is beautiful but counterproductive as far as being stuck in a grump).  No, I mean this one.

Totally cheesy 90s RomCom.  I mean how can you go wrong with Ashley Judd and (a shirtless) Hugh Jackman producing a television show and falling in love after Judd’s character theorizes why men are unfaithful using cow science?  You have to see it, maybe, to get the appeal.  But it’s good.  Trust me.

So there you have it.  My newly discovered cure for ennui.  Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to finding your rose colored glasses again (probably under the seat of your car).


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