Obligatory Thankful Post

It’s that time of year when everyone and your mom Facebook posts, tweets, and blogs about what they are thankful for.  They will all be very similar.  It is true that I am extremely thankful for my amazing family and friends, my education and my jobs.  However, we’ve all heard that before.  So my ‘giving thanks’ post is going to be a tad different.  I believe we should be just as thankful for the very little things in life that pick us up as the big things.  Here it is: my “I’m grateful for silly things” list.

1.  I’m grateful for Suri’s Burn Book.  An evil genius started this Tumblr page of fake Suri Cruise rantings about other celebrity children.  It is always hilarious.  Here’s a taste:

The President pardoned two turkeys this morning, but the real winner was Sasha Obama. Not only is her blazer fun and bold for fall, but that side-eye she’s shooting her father is downright epic.

She knows, as do I, that this whole turkey-pardoning bit is stale, and also that, President or not, her dad is embarrassing. Join the club, Sasha. Join the club.

2.  I’m grateful for Christmas cups.  You understand.

3.  I’m grateful that my iPod transmitter cord for my car hasn’t totally died yet.  The right side audio still works which means I can still sing my face off in my car.  There is no better joy.  This will be my family someday (minus the yelling but yeah.)

4.  I’m grateful for Target-crazy-black-Friday-lady-commercials.  Never not funny.

And finally:  5.  I’m grateful for ‘The Hunger Games’ trailer.  I’ve watched it approximately 200 times.  So excited for these movies.


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