Mock up for new Culture Report

At the Movies

Emma Watson’s first post-Potter role is already receiving praise. “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same title, features Watson in a cast of young up and comers. Also, her character is American in the film. Watch as MTV’s Josh Horwitz challenges her fellow cast mates to try her accent on for size.

Joaquin Phoenix is making a comeback in a very tiny, huge way. “The Master” which only played in five theaters in New York and L.A. broke the per screen earning record. The film raked in $145,949 per screen which beat out Wes Anderson’s”Moonrise Kingdom” for the title. “The Master” is already earning some serious Oscar buzz.

New Music

Former Talking Head David Byrne and indie guitarist St. Vincent released a collaborative album now available on iTunes or streaming on Spotify.

The Smut Stuff

The Royal family is fighting the paparazzi back. After photos of Duchess Kate Middleton were printed on the cover of several magazines, she decided to take legal action against French magazine ‘Closer.’ Meanwhile, the internet was loving poking some fun at the frenzy.

For Giggles
Enjoy this hilariously awkward video by Lena Dunham to introduce “The New Yorker” app.

It’s pumpkin season! Here are some delicious ways to get your fix.

Or for those of us who use our ovens as a closet…

Or the fun pumpkin drink…

Bored? Here’s some free stuff to do!

Smithsonian Magazine’s Free Museum Day Live!

Brooklyn Book Festival

Governor’s Island Art Fair


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