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Oh Hey, Glee! Welcome Back.

I have been a Glee fan from the very beginning.  However, the current season has been lack luster to say the least.  The entire season up until the “Mash Off” episode last week have been consumed with the school musical ‘West Side Story.’  I was excited when they set up this story line.  I love that musical and there is always cast drama.  But it led nowhere.  Correction, it led to a sex episode that was done better the season before.  At least that episode had a twist.  “My First Time” even went as far as to say yet another teacher at the school was a virgin (more than a bit of a stretch).   The musical numbers had no energy.  ‘West Side Story’ was uneventful.  I was bored and beginning to question my favorite show.  Until finally, the show started dealing with some very real and very emotional subject matter like they used to.  Being outed.

The second half of “Mash Off” renewed my faith in the shows writing and acting.  It was the first time all season that the actors gave serious and raw performances.  Most notably, Naya Rivera.  Her mixture of rage, sadness, and disappointment in being outed to the entire local viewing era via a nasty campaign ad was one of the best performances of the series.  And that’s before mentioning the Adele mashup.

Finally, Glee is back to their roots.  Using musical numbers to express the characters emotions about the story-line.  This number is why fans love the show.  It took too long to get there (‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ for the Irish kid.  Powerful stuff).  Welcome back, Glee.  I hope you can keep this up.

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