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I’m Calling You Out Netflix and Fox

The apparent theme in entertainment business this week?  Treat your customers like idiots and sneaks.  At least it was for Netflix and Fox Broadcasting Company.  Both made drastic changes without really keeping their customers in mind.

Let’s start with Netflix.  As everyone and their mother has heard by now, Netflix did not think it was enough to nearly double the prices on their customers this summer.  Now, in order to keep services they are accustomed to, Netflix users will have to subscribe to another service to get DVDs in the mail.  Yes.  They have to move to get the service they signed up for in the first place.  Qwikster will now be the mail DVD service.  I’m really mad about this as are many of their customers.  I could deal with the price hike.  But now, Netflix will no longer have the conveniences that made me become a subscriber in the first place.  I loved being able to search for a new movie and pick whichever option is available for me to see it.  Now, if I find I movie I want to see and it’s unavailable, I have to go to a completely different site and search for it again.  I’m having to very seriously consider dropping a service that I so dearly loved and defended only a week ago.

Now to Fox.  I’m a huge fan of their programming.  Especially Glee.  I’m a Gleek to the core and have been since the show premiered.  last night was the beginning of a new season.  Since the show is on at 7, I often miss the broadcast because I work later than that.  I have always watched the episodes online.  Imagine my shock and horror when I got online tonight and Fox had locked the episode to everyone except Dish Network customers.  I have to wait 8 days to watch it.  This is completely ridiculous.  It’s an over the air show.  It’s free.  Why is Fox shutting out such a wide base of avid fans?  After 8 days, spoilers of high profile shows like Glee will be everywhere.  If this continues through the season, there will be no point in watching the show.  You will have heard the songs and know the story.  Fox is forcing me to find a sneaky, backhanded way to watch their programming and I don’t appreciate being treated like a second rate customer because I don’t have dish.  I still want to watch your shows, Fox.  But you are making it totally impossible for me to do so.  Why would you want that?

So Netflix and Fox, are you proud of yourselves?

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