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Webbing for Girls

Okay, so I have a new website obsession.  HelloGiggles is a website started by three creative, professional women for women.  That’s right, a fun aggregate site just for us girls! I first started following HelloGiggle’s tumblr site because I’m a big Zooey Deschanel fan and she’s one of the founders.  Side note: you should check out “The New Girl” if you haven’t already.  Hilarious show.

Then I got hooked on the site.  Not only does the interesting design keep you looking, but this site has everything you could want.  Recipes, funny videos, entertainment reviews, blogs from all over the world all in one place.  The site also let you contribute your own content!  Girls aren’t the only contributors either.  While the main focus of the site is web content for women, men often contribute blogs about everything from raising their daughters to bullying.  I could spend days raving about the unique content on HelloGiggles.  It’s about time for a site to spring up for smart women by smart women from around the world.  Love this site.

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